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Since I was a child I've had a passion for putting the strange worlds of my imagination on the page and for the past ten years I've been bringing this passion to the living venue of the streets. The business began simply, with a pen and a piece of paper cut in fourths on which I would try and encompass one simple but very complete world, create one scene, one question, one vignette of a much larger and undisclosed story. These I created at bars, cafes, bus stops and street corners and would sell where and when I could as I traveled from city to city emulating a new form of the old traveling salesman.

This strange career path has brought me new homes in New Orleans, Berlin and Barcelona, to name a few, and has since taken me to roost in Galway, the city of my father, where a new slew of bars, cafes, bus stops, and street corners are coloring a new black and white world of lines and stories. And what better medium for a traveling salesman than a postcard.

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